All current shift supervisors were due to retire within the next 10 years.
Their successors needed to be able to manage their teams in a modern way, focussing on inclusiveness, ownership, good discipline, openness and continuous development.
Furthermore, they had to be able to cope with the ever-increasing digitisation of their workplace.


Our client had come to the conclusion that the current lead operators could not progress to become the “new breed” of shift supervisors. Incidentally, most of them didn’t want that either.

However, working with HR, we developed an approach and a process to begin working with the first group of eight trainees.

The approach is based on the 70-20-10 principle: 70% development through practical assignments, 20% on-the-job coaching and 10% classroom training.

Currently, we are half-way the programme and both the trainees themselves and the site leadership is very enthousiast about the impact

We are look forward to the remainder of the programme. The programme is being codified and documented along the way for a future rollout to the next group of operators.