Cases from the world of Production, Maintenance, Supply Chain, and Sustainable (Digital) Transformation that we would like to share with you.


Axisto - Electronics company halves its Innovation Time-To-Market

High-growth electronics company halves its Innovation time-to-market

High-growth electronics company halves its Innovation time-to-market by improved business alignment and disciplined project management.
Axisto - Dealing with complex planning scenarios

Smarter production line planning lets you respond to changes in customer demand and improve your margins

25 production lines and 1,000 customers with a total of 2,500 products. The perfect complex planning issue for our More Optimal platform.
Axisto - Slimmere Planning voor verpakker

How can a packer of fresh produce manage planning complexity?

Packers of fresh products face massive complexity and unpredictability. Our Planning Platform deals with this and creates value for both client and packer.
Axisto - Cycle Time Reduction in New Product Development and New Product Introduction

Chemicals firm cuts time from product concept to market introduction by half

How to increase the success rate of innovation projects and to cut the time from product concept to market introduction by half?

Process Mining on auxiliary equipment management

CHALLENGE A firm specialising in electrical and mechanical engineering had decided to introduce process mining in the organisation, and wanted to develop the skills “in-house”. Before finalising the details, the firm wanted to gain more insight in three areas: the degree of suitability in its own bu…

More reliability and efficiency in production

Declining operational performance and morale have been stopped by putting the basics back in order. Performance and morale are up again.
Zero-based Budgeting for cost reduction and growth.

Radical Cost Reduction

An automotive OEM had to significantly reduce its costs. This succeeded with Zero-based Budgeting and therefore also got a new future.

The MT regains control of the strategy implementation

The MT had lost control of the implementation of the strategy. This has been restored with good policy deployment.

Developing operators into a new breed of shift supervisors

The future places different demands on team leaders. That is why a producer of plastics decided to approach the training differently.

Best Turn Around Ever!

A globally operating chemical company saw execution deteriorate its turnarounds. This turn around set a good example.

Best Squat Ever!

A chemical producer managed to reverse the trend of increasingly poor turnarounds. This turn around continues the upward trend.

Improved production control in a metalworking company

A metalworking company had lost control due to little attention to processes and rapid growth. A good operating model changed this.

Improving production reliability

The company had cut costs heavily in the recession. Now that demand picked up again, things went wrong. A firm intervention put it on track.

Growth spurt due to organisational alignment

A manufacturing company got stuck in its growth, but with an appealing vision and good organisational alignment, it rediscovered the growth path again.

Rapid efficiency improvement

A can manufacturer is fighting for its future. A quick improvement in efficiency makes him win the battle.
Axisto - Capital Projects

Faster from order to cash

The order to cash of a globally operating chemical group went differently. Comparison yielded the best practice, which was implemented.

Reducing the production cycle time

A production company got stuck in further reducing the production cycle time. With process mining they got it done.

Ensuring compliance

Een producent van duurzame consumptiegoederen had nieuwe procedures ingevoerd. Met process mining werd de compliance gecontroleerd.

Faster new product introductions

Een bedrijf zag zijn groei vertragen doordat nieuwe producten te langzaam in de markt kwamen. Process mining wist de problemen op te lossen.

Reduction of testing time

The market demands rapid new product introductions. The bottleneck was the testing of the machines. Process mining solved the problem.

Introducing Predictive Maintenance

A maintenance contractor for the railway infrastructure wanted maintenance to be simpler and cheaper. Predictive Maintenance made this possible.

Improved supply chain design

The development of a better design for a global supply chain, using a mathematical model and based on scenarios.

Model to optimise the global supply chain

A chemical compound producer had a very complex supply chain and needed to improve it. A mathematical optimisation model succeeded.

Design For Six Sigma training

A producer of consumer electronics and advanced products wanted to make its production process more robust through better design.

Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt training

A producer of consumer electronics and advanced products wanted to take its workforce to the next level with Lean Six Sigma.

Design and implementation of a dedicated S&OP application

Better delivery reliability, lower stocks and better use of scarce resources with a custom S&OP application.

Improved organisational alignment

A producer of capital goods struggled with varying priorities. Organisational alignment brought stability and pace.

Breakthrough in behavioural safety

A manufacturer of high performance polymers struggled with safety performance at their largest facility. A breakthrough was achieved.

Step change in productivity

The recession had wiped out profits. Management wanted to cut costs and be ready for new growth. A targeted programme delivered that.

Strong surge in demand causes problems

The demand for a new product grew explosively, putting production out of control. Within 23 weeks everything was under control again.

Rapid growth is causing problems for capital goods producer

A producer of capital goods is struggling with a sharp increase in demand after an economic downturn. Rapid intervention is necessary.

Merging two manufacturing sites

CHALLENGE An electronic components manufacturer wanted to integrate two manufacturing sites, improve product quality and refocus the demand generation. APPROACH Four-week Analysis & Design to align the management teams of both sites, design a process and structure to manage the sites in an integ…