The owner had previously managed the company with a high level of entrepreneurship and energy, but with little attention to processes and organisational issues. On the surface the company appeared successful, but it lacked a solid foundation.

Some of the issues: decreasing on-time delivery (OTD), multiple product quality issues, low customer satisfaction and a declining profit margin.


A new top management team was already addressing the factory layout to optimise flow and enhance housekeeping. Axisto was invited in to improve production control and to develop a more professional middle management team.

We worked closely with the middle managers in Production, Work Preparation and S&OP to better align departments and improve their performance.

A more effective ‘short interval control’ was introduced to drive daily and weekly performance to KPI targets. Management and team leaders focussed more on First Time Right quality, and communication between departments was improved. In addition, some team leaders were assigned to other departments to ensure a better fit.