The success rates of Turn Arounds (TAs) within a global oil and chemical company have continued to deteriorate over the years in terms of safety, time and budget overruns.
The last TA in the Netherlands had been difficult and had delivered, among other things, a number of people suffering from burnout.
Axisto was invited to help to turn the tide and to support the TA team to make this TA an international showcase.

Together with all key people we developed a crisp and clear vision on ‘The Best Ever Turn Around’. It was built on their collective knowledge and experience.
In a coordinated process the vision was shared with next levels of the organisation. It was carefully explained and everyone was invited to contribute. This resulted in a vision that was owned by everyone involved, including the contractors.
The vision was combined with a simple but effective performance board as part of the overall visual management approach. Together with some light-touch coaching on-the-job, this resulted in a great teamwork not seen before in previous TAs.
Both production plants are back in operation and the results are impressive. The final evaluation showed additional improvement opportunities in Preparation and dealing with the schedule during execution. Good input for an even better next TA!