A supplier of consumables to the aluminium-smelting industry had been struggling with high-cost pressures and its ability to make product at a commercially viable price. It had taken drastic action by slashing costs across the organisation and cutting deep in the CAPEX budget.

Unfortunately, this left the company unable to respond effectively to a significant increase in demand. Operational problems multiplied, delivery performance fell and clients became nervous.


The key to improving production reliability was restoring the equipment reliability. We started with two parallel actions. One action focussed on reassessing the critical equipment and restoring it to a sufficient ‘base condition’.

The second action focussed on implementing an effective ‘short interval control’. This involved fostering a productive cooperation between production and maintenance, developing more effective behaviours in planning & scheduling and work execution, installing a fitting meeting & reporting structure and ensuring an effective break down notification and elimination process.

From the basis that was created by these two parallel actions, we to develop the level of professionalism that was required: In behaviours, methods & tools, communication, quality of the maintenance master plan and craftsmanship.