A firm specialising in electrical and mechanical engineering had decided to introduce process mining in the organisation, and wanted to develop the skills “in-house”.
Before finalising the details, the firm wanted to gain more insight in three areas: the degree of suitability in its own business process environment, the actual possibilities of process mining and what a well-fitting package would be.

The firm decided to undertake a proof of concept (PoC) for this purpose, and asked Axisto to carry it out.


The initiative was driven by the ICT department. They provided a two-person team for us to work with, and a project sponsor was quickly found. With the project team in place we decided to run the proof of concept on the auxiliary equipment management (AEM) process.
There were three questions to be answered:
Are the existing IT systems, their current setup and the data quality suitable?

Can the crucial questions related to performance issues be answered?
When compared with the current analysis tools available in-house, does Process Mining add value?
The firm was also interested in additional dashboarding functionality, so for the PoC we chose a process mining package that would provide this extra information. We also demonstrated a package that was more geared around pure project-based process analyses. Each package was deployed very differently in the organisation